WBCCI Unit Planning Guide

Click on this link if you would like to see the current WBCCI Unit Planning Guide and Merit Award Application.  The Planning Guide is a road map for excellence in Units, the Merit Awards for excellent Unit activities.  Like any road map, the driver has  latitude in how strictly to follow the plan.  Drivers choose just which roads to take, where to eat or overnight, when to leave and return.  WBCCI Unit leaders choose how to attain the goals.

The planning guide prescribes a few hard and fast timelines for important club-wide milestones, like turning in the next year’s rally schedule and Officers list by November 1 each year.   WBCCI Units otherwise establish and follow their Unit Planning Guide at their own pace throughout the year.

If you’ve ever worked with a Boy Scout Troop, you may be familiar with their version of the annual unit planning guide.   The troop must operate to certain minimum standards throughout the year and hit recruiting and retention goals to achieve the Award.  This award does not cause troops to become look-alikes because the Leaders and youth maintain responsibility and control for planning and operations .  The BSA Quality Unit Award does motivate leaders to plan activities and membership incentives to operate a better troop.

The WBCCI Unit Planning Guide recognizes many of the milestones the Carolinas Airstream Club already achieves.  Carolinas Airstream Club is a quality unit, and has been for over five decades.  But the Planning Guide raises the bar, even for our Unit.  Why re-invent the wheel every year?

We elect a new leadership every year, and the new leaders and our Unit all benefit from a consistent guiding beacon for planning activities, executing administrative, and providing membership services for our Unit.  Leadership might sometimes forget the value of some aspects of member communication, or new member orientation, or how our Unit can better support WBCCI’s mission.

Sometimes it’s nice to have some idea where you are going, especially when 130 people might be following you.  The Unit Planning Guide provides a roadmap for our Unit’s Leaders, not because they are lost, but to allow a more enjoyable and successful journey for themselves and the entire Carolinas Airstream Club Unit as we head into each year.

(link updated 10/31/2017)