October 2020 Alumalina Rally – Marion, NC


October 22-25, 2020

Tom Johnson Rally Park in Marion, NC


Come Join Us for a Fun-Packed Weekend
at the Alumalina Rally!

Welcome folks, to Alumalina 2020. As always, there will be 4 days of fabulous fun, planned meal get-togethers, entertainment, seminars, open house, happy hours, craft fair, flea market, hiking, biking, paddling, and lots of “paroozing.” 

Nearly 300 full hook up sites, another 100 water/electric, all on flat, level, thick grass in rally style parking.  Bath house, huge pavilion, Catawba River, Blue Ridge Mountains/Parkway, and Mt Mitchell. 

We have secured a camping rate of $32/night, all sites. Our rally fee is yet to be determined but as always, will be a bargain.  You may come early and stay late, same rate.  No advance payment required, simply pay the campground when you arrive.

No need to call or reserve with the park,

  • When the Alumalina 2020 Rally becomes available on Air Forums, simply  sign on to Air Forums – Alumalina (you must be logged into Air Forums as a member to post a reply).
  • Click on “Post Reply” and enter the names of all attendees.
  • John Leake, our Region 3 President is the keeper of this list.
  • If you experience any problems with posting a reply, you can email John Leake at john@leakesantiques.com to add your names to the list.
  • There will be room for everyone!
  • Also please let our Club know you will be attending by clicking on the below button. 

    If you are an Alumalina alumni or are new to the rally scene, rest assured, everyone is welcome, we are all family, and….You will like it!

We hope to see you there!