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Region 3 021 Carolinas Airstream Club


September 02 2019 | Members | Comments Off on Renew!

The 62nd WBCCI International Rally at Doswell, VA is in the Books! 

What a Fun and Informative Rally!

Here are a couple group photos of the Carolinas Airstream Club at Doswell.  The heat did finally break, and we took advantage of some very nice weather.

Thank you Rocky & Susan Johnson for hosting our “Iced Watermelon” get together; it was perfect for the week!

Thank you again to Bruce & Marcia Thompson for putting together the caravan, and looking out for us “first timers.”¬† A big thanks goes to Greg & Lynne Wilson for navigating the caravan from OBX to Doswell and avoiding that dreaded I-95 traffic.

There’s already talk about caravaning to next year’s International Rally in Loveland, Colorado!¬† ¬†





July 28 2019 | Members | Comments Off on The 62nd WBCCI International Rally at Doswell, VA is in the Books! 

The 62nd WBCCI International Rally Has Started!

We made it to Doswell, VA!!¬† There are a total 23 Carolina Airstream Club rigs in attendance — A Great Showing of Our Club.

Thank you so much to Greg & Lynne Wilson for hosting a great OBX Rally and then leading the Carolinas Airstream Caravan into Doswell!!

Opening Ceremony for the 62nd WBCCI International Rally was Saturday night, and Rocky made us All Proud!  Thank you, Rocky and Susan!!

A highlight of the Opening Ceremony is the”parading of the Club Flags” for each Region (Rocky is 2nd from the left).



Region 3 is the Largest Region in the WBCCI!  A Very Proud Night for Our Region and the Carolinas Airstream Club!


It’s Hot in Doswell but we’re Still Cool!
Stayed Tuned for More Updates! 


July 21 2019 | Members | Comments Off on The 62nd WBCCI International Rally Has Started!

Doswell Bound!

Carolinas Airstream Club on the way to Doswell in a 1919 Autocar!


July 18 2019 | Members | Comments Off on Doswell Bound!

Latest Tarheel Traveler

Our club has released the latest edition of The Tarheel Traveler.

The newsletters are available for reading here or the Newsletters tab above.

July 14 2019 | News | Comments Off on Latest Tarheel Traveler

We’ve Moved!

Our Club Website has moved to a new internet address –¬†
As part of a large scale WBCCI initiative, all WBCCI Club websites are going through an upgrade. Part One of the upgrade is to move the Club websites to a new internet address, which was done for our Club last night.  Part Two will take place later this year / early next year with upgrades to the look and feel of the websites; more info to follow when that starts.
For now, all you have to do is copy and paste our new Club website address, in to your web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc), and then save the new website address as a favorite on your device(s).  Be sure to delete your old saved favorite to avoid confusion.  
Everything on our Club website remains the same Рlook and feel, information, forms, and links. 
If you should have any problems with either the website itself or saving the new website address, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll be glad to help.
Thank you
Ed Hall

June 01 2019 | Members | Comments Off on We’ve Moved!

Order Your New Carolinas Airstream Club Flags Right Here!

Dimensions: 3ft(h) X 5ft(w)

We’re now ready to take flag orders from our Club Members. The flag price is $43.00 each, which includes shipping cost to your desired ship-to address. Note: This is an excellent price because of the bulk ordered quantity; future flag pricing will most likely be higher.


1. Below is an order button to your CAC FLag Order Form. On that form you will be asked to complete ordering information: Name | WBCCI # | Email Address |  Flag Qty | Shipping Address. IMPORTANT: If you put your name and number of desired flags on the Survey Sheet at Ocean Lakes, you must still  complete this Order Form.   

2. Once you submit the Order Form you will receive a confirmation email, indicating your order was submitted.

3. You will then need to send a personal check (made out to Carolinas Airstream Club) to our Club Treasurer at the below address.
C. Weaver | 1448 Pinecrest Ave | Charlotte, NC 28205

4. Upon receipt of your check, Bruce Thompson will ship your flag(s) to your designated shipping address. Reminder: flags will not be available to ship until approximately March 11th.
If you have any questions about ordering your flag, please feel free to contact Phil Drake (, or Bruce Thompson ( .

If you need a flag holder to proudly fly your new CAC Flag, one of our members, Monroe Bowles manufactures and sells custom flag poles to fit on your Airstream. You can contact Monroe at for further information.

We’re excited to offer these flags to our Club Members…Order now and be one of the first to fly our new Carolinas Airstream Club Flag!

Phil Drake
1st VP | Carolinas Airstream Club

February 18 2019 | Members | Comments Off on Order Your New Carolinas Airstream Club Flags Right Here!



Kind Words About Our New Name 

John Leake, Region 3 President:

Thank you Jim, Marcia, Anne, Rocky, Phil, and everyone in Carolinas Unit 21 . I join you all in a toast to your now official new name, the Carolinas Airstream Club. Cheers!!!!

As you probably already know, the Carolinas Unit was chartered back in 1961. From your unit, 5 other units were spawned….Western NC, Eastern NC, Piedmont, SC Palmetto, and Coastal SC. Thank you all for leading the way, for staying the course, for your determined and faithful leadership, and for your presence in Region 3. You make us all proud.

To top it all off, you now have a new, official flag that represents your commitment to our great Club. Please don’t stop, keep right on going, and work harder than ever.

I look forward to seeing you all, somewhere down the road, soon.
As always, thank you all for your hard work. – John

Jim Cocke, WBCCI Past President:

Congratulations to the members, designers, and officers of Carolinas Airstream Club!!! Your Region President soundly and capably presented your request for name and flag change and your wishes are granted. It’s official!

Thanks for your interest in promoting the Club and Airstream experiences and thanks to our Region 3 President for his kind and capable representation of our local Club. – Jim


Our New Unit Flag!


January 26 2019 | Members | Comments Off on BREAKING NEWS!

2019 Carolinas Unit Rallies & Events Schedule

2nd VP Phil Drake, with help from our members has put together a really nice schedule for 2019, including a couple new locations.

Our most well attended rally of the year:

The October 31 – November 3 Rally at Ocean Lakes Campground, SC is filling up quickly; several people made reservations for 2019 while at the Ocean Lakes Rally last year.¬† Again, it’s recommended you call Ocean Lakes Campground (800-238-5636) soon to make your reservation; we have sites blocked out in section HH with section H as a back up. Make sure to RSVP on the club website so the hosts will know you’re coming.

2019 Schedule

  • February 9, 2019 | Winter Luncheon | Village Tavern in Winston Salem, NC | RSVP website page will be coming soon
  • March 7 – 10, 2019 | Winter Rally | James Island County Park in Charleston, SC | Call¬†843-795-4386 now to reserve your site (sites 4 – 28)
  • April 4 – 7, 2019 | Spring Rally | New Bern KOA in New Bern, NC | Call 252-638-2556 before Feb 1st to reserve your site
  • April 24 – 28, 2019 | Region 3 Rally | Tom Johnson Rally Park in Marion, NC | Go to WBBCI Region 3 website for reservation info
  • May 16 – 19, 2019 | All NC Clubs Rally |¬†Raleigh Oaks RV Park in Four Oaks, NC | Call¬†919-934-3181 before April 16th to reserve your site
  • June 6 – 9, 2019 | West VA Rally |¬†Pipe Stem Resort State Park, WVA | Call 833-987-2757 before May 1st to reserve your site
  • July 17 – 20, 2019 | NC Outer Banks Rally | Sanctuary Vineyards in Jarvisburg, NC | Email Greg Wilson at¬† to reserve your site.
  • July 20 – 27, 2019 | International Rally | Doswell, VA | Go to¬† WBCCI 2019 International Rally website¬†to make your reservation | Also Bruce & Marcia Thompson will lead a caravan to the rally on July 19th – information to follow
  • August 15 – 18, 2019 | Mountain Rally | Mountain Stream RV Park | Call¬†828-724-9013 before May 1st to reserve your site
  • September 19 – 22, 2019 | VA Rally | Highland Haven AS Park in¬†Copper Hill, VA | Go to¬†Reserve America website¬†now to reserve your site
  • October 24 – 27, 2019 | Alumalina Rally |¬†Tom Johnson Rally Park in Marion, NC¬†| Go to¬† Air Forums website¬†or¬†email John Leake at¬†for rally info
  • October 31 – November 3, 2019 | SC Beach Rally | Ocean Lakes Campground in Myrtle Beach, SC | Call 800-238-5636 now to reserve your site. Don’t forget to RSVP!
  • December, 7, 2019 | Holiday Luncheon | Bethania Moravian Church – Winston-Salem, NC |

Please feel free to contact Phil Drake ( with any questions regarding this upcoming year’s rallies.

Thank you & see you down the road…

November 14 2018 | Members | Comments Off on 2019 Carolinas Unit Rallies & Events Schedule

Newsletters and FaceBook

We’re a growing unit and are trying to keep up with traveling, eating, and enjoying seeing our friends as often as we can. ¬†Keeping up with all this can be simplified a little. ¬†Smart phones do help some at finding information quickly. ¬†Even better is if we can find useful information out there¬†¬†to guide us to fun, friendship, and adventure.


Our unit has a couple of good locations for content. ¬†One reliable one is our Unit newsletters, published monthly.¬†¬†The other is our unit’s FaceBook page.

Check these out when you have a minute.¬†¬†¬†We need your support, if you haven’t already done this and¬†we always welcome your suggestions. ¬†Please write us an email anytime at — we promise to reply promptly.

December 02 2016 | Announcements and News | Comments Off on Newsletters and FaceBook

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